ValueMAxess Ltd was registered in 2010 and is one of the longest established proprietor led Market Access and Interim Management consultancy in Europe. The founder, Andreas Guhl, has more than 20 years of industry experience in health care having worked on Market Access and P&R in Germany, France, UK and Switzerland. Andreas gained its industry experience at Allergan, Lilly, BIOGEN and Medtronic. Andreas also worked as Director Outcomes Research at NHS Innovations London and gave lectures on Market Access at the University of Lyon and Paris and the European Business School (EBS) in Oestrich-Winkel. Andreas is regularly invited as an expert speaker on conferences around Market Access and as a member of advisory board panels to the pharamceutical industry. He is the founder of the “European Journal of Health Economics”.

ValuMAxess provides first class expert services around Market Access at very reasonable fees.
Our clients pay for quality results and not for overheads.

ValueMAxess Ltd

The focus of our services are on Europe’s biggest markets – Germany and the UK – understanding in detail the new legislations like AMNOG and CCGs within the NHS (Clinical Commissioning Groups).We also have in depth insights about new and upcoming legislations in Germany with regard to medical devices. We provide detailed and updated information on AMNOG in English, insights into the assessment process, decisions taken by IQWiG or the Joint Federal Committee, G-BA, and possible consequences on pricing for products in- and outside Germany. ValueMAxess is invited on a regular basis to give updates on market access within the NHS to member companies of the BPI in Germany (Federal Association of Pharmaceutical Industry) and possible consequences of BREXIT to pharmaceutical companies.

ValueMAxess at the G-BA



Interim Management

Interim Management part or full time (vacancies due to long term sickness absenteeism, maternity / paternity leave, temporary peaks in workload etc). Remotely or at the client’s premises covering the following areas covering:

−    Market Access
−    Stakeholder Mapping & Management
−    Pricing
−    Governmental Affairs
−    Life Cycle Management
−    Health Economics (no modelling)
−    Outcomes Research


−    Workshops on AMNOG, upcoming changes (Pharma Dialogue) and alternative routes of Market Access for pharmaceutical - or Biotech companies including Orphan drugs
−    Market Access and the new legislation for medical devices in Germany (in English)
−    Competitive intelligence on products which already went through the AMNOG benefit assessment
−    Hospital only product? Managing the process and application how to bypass AMNOG
−    Managing the whole process through G-BA’s early scientific advice program. Preparing the submission with the relevant questions asked in German and translating the discussions simultaneously during the early scientific advice meeting from German into English.
−    Project management in developing AMNOG dossiers
−    Support in writing AMNOG dossiers with a focus on modules 3 + 4
−    Proof read of AMNOG dossiers
−    Strategic advice (value story) how to overcome reimbursement hurdles in Germany
−    Support in G-BA “written statement process”

Market Access Services

National and international (joint) advisory boards (clinical, payer and patient representatives)

−    Tailored payer research in Germany and the UK
−    Optimizing Brand Value Communication (Value Story) tailored to market specific needs
−    Value message testing
−    Auditing. Partnering with a new consultancy? We can conduct audits before you make the wrong investment. Please ask for details!

Market Access UK

−    NHS Payer advisory boards and payer research
−    Development of value messages tailored to the NHS
−    Value message testing with decision makers and budget holder
−    Managing the process through NICE’s scientific advice program.
−    Project management in developing HTA dossiers
−    Strategic advice on BREXIT scenarios for pharmaceutical companies in- and outside the UK


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Andreas Guhl

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